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Student reports and IEPs use specific terminology.  Translation accuracy is extremely important.  Most reporting is time-sensitive, and occurs in a relatively short time period in the semester.    Seamless Translation helps schools get IEP and student report English/Spanish translations right, on time, and under budget.  Give us a call to find out more about how we make it easy!

Superior Quality

All of our translations are done by one person, then edited by another, to eliminate mistakes and clarify the translation.  Translations are done by qualified, native speakers, with extensive experience in translations for teachers and special education professionals.

Quick Turnaround

At Seamless Translation you work directly with the translator, and turnaround times are quick, so you get what you need, when you need it.

Best Practices

We work with many school districts across the country.  We adapt quickly to your requirements, and try to always incorporate current best practices within the industry to give you the best possible translation quickly, accurately, and at the best cost.

Extra Capacity On Demand

Even for those customers with in-house translation resources, demand for translation can fluctuate greatly, and typically peaks during crucial periods in the semester.  Why not give a call to see how we can help handle your next crunch?

Specialized, Focused, and Consistent

IEPs, student report translations, LCAP and FCMAT reports, school registration handbooks, and progress report cards. are what we do.  We are accustomed to different communication styles from a wide range of educators.  Our experience and proven process result in clear, precise translations that accurately express the teacher's key thoughts, and are more easily understood by parents.


Use us as little or as much as you need, without increasing head count.  Seamless Translation is a group of highly qualified educators and independent translators who offer the highest experience at the lowest cost available.


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